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"It is time to move forward actively, be up to date and help Kyiv city become one of the most progressive cities in the world."

«Kyiv Smart City Forum 2015»

Main event of Kyiv IT-community. Our aim - to draw attention to Kyiv Smart City movement, talk about real projects and to show benefits that will improve life of every Kyiv citizen. We encourage the public and IT-business to join "smart" cities infrastructure development. Providing space for dialogue, an opportunity to show forum participants that developments and solutions that will help make life in Kiev easier, safer and more interesting.

Sincerely, “KYIV SMART CITY” team.

2-3 October 2015


st. Velyka Vasylkivska 55
NSC Olimpiyskiy

Target audience

Vendors and Integrators (IBM, Cisco, SAP, Huawei, Schneider Electric, Winncom Technologies та ін.), Kyiv mayor and Ukrainian cities government represantatives (mayors and deputies), investment companies, international funds, experts, European cities government representatives, civic organizations, active community members (urban specialists, students), Kyiv citizens.

Audience Zoning

Conference with government representatives, IT-community, business-partners and active community members.

Panel discussions during the conference, connecting main speakers from different audiences.

Expo zone – where vendors, business integrators and smart technologies developers will represent their projects to mass audience.

Demo zone – real functioning projects which are ready for implementing into Kyiv infrastructure.

video report

You can view the video report of what happened on forum

Champions Hall

2 October 2015 PROGRAM

Time Event
10:00 Kyiv Smart City 2020 Presentation. Vitali Klitschko.
10:30 Panel discussion “Kyiv Smart City 2020 – ways of embodiment”.
11:30 The signing of the memorandum between the government, public and business, aiming to implement the "Kyiv Smart City 2020" concept.
11:40 Presentation of Kyiv Smart City winning projects.
12:10 Free chat with panel discussions participants.
13:00 “IT-community” stream.
13:00 Module 1: “Public-private partnership”. Presentation. Panel discussion.
14:00 Module 2: “IT-projects developments for city needs with the help of IT-community and commercial sector”. Presentation. Panel discussion.
15:00 Module 3: “City and social projects crowdfunding and crowdsourcing”. Presentation. Panel discussion.
16:00 Module 4: “Educational initiatives as a part of smart city infrastructure”. Presentation. Panel discussion.

Olympic Hall

"How will be changed Kyiv of the future"

"Smart Utilities" Stream

13:00 – 14:00
Module 1: "Intelligent energy saving in buildings - practice and experience". Presentation. Panel discussion.
14:05 – 15:00
Module 2: "What modern Kyiv citizen needs from house utilities services? Reality and practice". Presentation. Panel discussion.
15:05 – 16:00
Module 3: "Smart City as responsibility. Complex control of municipal services quality by consumer and city". Presentation. Panel Discussion.

"Smart Health" Stream

16:05 -17:00
"Current issues of our city and eMedicine transformation industry in ways that trusted people of Kiev". Presentation. Panel Discussion.

"Smart Transportation" Stream

17:05 – 18:00
Module 1: "Photo & video fixation". Presentation involving members of the MIA working group, working on introduction of automated photo and video recording. Panel Discussion.
18:05 – 19:00
Module 2: «Big Data for improving transport system". Presentation. Panel discussion.
19:05 – 20:00
Module 3: Module 3: "Interactive transport model". Presentation. Panel discussion.

"Open gov/E-gov" Stream

11:00 – 12:00
Module 1: "Open the data and e-democracy". Presentation. Panel discussion.
12:05 – 13:00
Module 2: "Electronic services for citizens and businesses". Presentation. Panel discussion.
13:05 – 14:00
Module 3: "Identification and electronic interaction system". Presentation. Panel discussion.

"Smart Security" Stream

14:05 – 15:00
>Module 1: "Intellectual video control using advanced Smart technology". Presentation. Panel discussion.
15-00 – 15:45
Rewarding active Kyiv Smart City participants.
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15: 45
Event finish. Entertainment program.

Active Zones

2-3 October 2015

Expo Zone

Innovational city solutions presentation. Smart street, interactive bus, innovative bus stops, water recycle systems, eco trash bins, smart benches, tourism smart-apps.

Leisure Zone

Lounge zone. Food court, smart city merch, music and games.

Kids Zone

«Lego-city, games and art-activities.


Speakers and moderators

Vitali Klitschko
Kyiv mayor. Head of Kyiv City Administration.
Igor Nikonov
First Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration
Yuriy Nazarov
Advisor to the Kyiv mayor. Project Manager Kyiv Smart City.
Alexander Krakovetskiy
“IT-Community” stream moderator
Mick Mullay
Participant panel dyskussiyi "Public-private partnership" striae «IT-Community»
Andriy Filatov
Panel discussion “IT-projects developments for city needs with the help of IT-community and commercial sector” participant.
Mihael Virt
Panel discussion “Kyiv Smart City 2020 concept – ways of embodiment” participant.
Vahl Tams
Panel discussion “Public-private partnership” participant.
Tatiana Boiko
Coordinator of GSD OPORA
Olga Babiy
“Smart Utilities” stream moderator
Denis Gursky
“Open gov/E-gov” stream moderator
Oleg Kucherenko
Striae Moderator «Smart Security»
Aleksandr Kolpakov
“Smart Security” stream participant.
Alexander Arnold
Panel discussion “Kyiv Smart City 2020 concept – ways of embodiment” participant.
Arseniy Finberg
Panel discussion “IT-projects developments for city needs with the help of IT-community and commercial sector” participant.
Maxym Nefyodov
Panel discussion “Open data and e-democracy” participant. «Open gov/E-gov» stream.
Vadim Glamazdin
Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine
Sergei Loboyko
Members of the panel "Open data and e-democracy" striae «Open gov / E-gov»
Dmytro Dubilet
Panel discussion “Electronic services for citizens and businesses” participant. «Open gov/E-gov» stream.
Ilya Kenihshteyn
Participant of panel discussion "Public-private partnership" striae «IT-community»
Bogdan Aganin
“Smart Transportation” stream moderator.

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The initiative Kyiv Smart City is implemented with the support of the International Fund "Vidrodzhennya"


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